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Wheels and Tires for your car or truck in Bradenton, Florida

At The Shop, our number one concern is your safety.  We're here to serve you as your tire and wheel experts to give you the peace of mind in knowing you have the right tires and wheels for your vehicle.  Allow us to provide all your tire and wheel maintenance needs.

We carry a full line of car and light duty truck tires as well as a large assortment of aftermarket wheels.  We can provide custom color matching and even powder coating services as well for you!

Tire Repair

Rotation and Balance Service

Rotating and balancing your tires will help maintain even treadwear and maximize their longevity.


Tire Inspection
Make sure your wheels and tires are in safe working condition by bringing them in for regular tire inspections.  We'll check them for shallow or uneven tread wear, sidewall damage, leaks, punctures, and any other potential issues.  We'll give your tires a clean bill of health, or we'll provide solutions to any issues uncovered during the inspection.  We can even often repair leaks on the spot and avoid costly replacement.

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Stacking Up Tyres on Rack

TPMS Service

Your vehicle's Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) uses sensors to measure the air pressure in your tires.  This system warns you when your tires are underinflated, allowing you to seek proper maintenance when it's necessary to keep you safe. 
We offer TPMS check to all customers because we're committed to your safety.  We'll check your sensor batteries and ensure they're accurately measuring your tire pressure.  If your TPMS isn't working properly, we can discuss replacement options with you and help keep your wheels and tires in proper shape

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