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Premium Window Tint Installation for Teslas & Electric Vehicles

Protection for your Tesla automobile is not solely constrained to the aesthetics of the exterior, and the interior needs more than just a defense against environmental contaminants. Burglary, privacy violations of any kind, and dangers brought about from the sun are not something you can avoid, no matter what you drive. So what is the solution to keep your Tesla’s interior completely safe and protected from the world around it?

You cannot drive around the Florida with a big cover over the top of your Tesla, but you can give your interior a more defined and stylish shield against all that tries to find its way in through your windows. Here at The Shop, we are certified experts in 3M window films, their maintenance, and what type of tinting is right for your specific vehicle.

While 3M Window Tint Films and the variety of specific product lines we offer here at The Shop protect all aspects of your vehicle’s interior, they too bring a tremendous aesthetic upgrade to your Tesla in the way of added sleekness. And perhaps most importantly, when you trust The Shop with the installation of your Tesla window tint film packages, you can always rest easy knowing that a completely trained and highly certified team of automotive professionals are working on your ride.

Interior Heat Reduction That Saves Internal Components

Electric vehicles may be exponentially beneficial; however, they are completely challenge-free. With how intricate the electronics are in a fully electric Tesla, interior components must be protected from overheating. Our 3M Window Tint Films resist the intensity of the sun and keep your interior temperature down throughout the day


Safety Improvements For You and Your Passengers

Remember: Your Tesla is not just sitting parked, needing defense against the ultraviolet rays given off by the sun by itself. You and your passengers also need protection from those harmful effects while you cruise around during the sunniest points of the day here in Florida! 3M Window Tint Films are built with a high-quality, highly repellant urethane film treated to completely resist harsh UV damage that your skin is exposed to while driving.

Schedule your window tint installation today!

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