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3M Clear Bra and Tesla Paint Protection Installation Services For Tesla and all EV's in Bradenton, FL

Protect Your EV's valuable finish from road hazards, bugs, rock chips and the elements

With how many vehicles by Tesla, Rivian, Hummer and more you see driving in all areas of the country, especially here in Bradenton and Sarasota FL, it is no wonder why many EV owners avidly seek out protective efforts for their specific models. But what is the best choice in protecting all the delicate exterior surfaces of your vehicle while trying to preserve its long-term value?

When hazards and defect-causing disasters can be found at every turn, even right in your garage or parking spot, the best way to protect your paint is by implementing a self-healing shield to it. Lucky for all EV owners in SW Florida, we at The Shop have some of the best Tesla paint protection film packages around!

Supplied by 3M, our Tesla paint protection film packages - also known to many in the auto industry as clear bras - are glossy, clear urethane wraps that adhere safely and securely to your EV’s painted exterior surfaces. We have a licensed, insured, and certified PPF installation team here at our Bradenton Florida detailing shop that work exclusively with clear bra installations on Tesla and other electric vehicles so you know that the job will be done right, always.


Safe Application To Your Exterior Painted Surfaces

If you are a Tesla or other EV owner, there is no doubt that you are always concerned about the integrity of your interior. Even though a 3M Paint Protection Film is proven to help prevent defects, you may worry about the installation process. Our application of our paint protection film packages is completely safe and performed by the most highly trained detailing experts in Florida!


Self-Healing Qualities That Provide Lasting Protection

Our clear bras have self-healing characteristics that withstand many abrasive impacts for several years without losing integrity. By being a urethane film, the surface is tense and always working to stretch back to its original surface smoothness. When a rock, shopping cart, belt buckle, or other defect-causing hazard scratches or bangs against your paint, the PPF absorbs the impact and flexes like a trampoline back to normal.

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Hydrophobic Resistance To Stains

In similar fashion to our Ceramic Coating packages, 3M Protection Films that are installed on Teslas and other EV's here at The Shop also have a slick, hydrophobic surface that repels liquid and solid contaminants. This repulsion prevents stains from occurring on your EVs paintwork, and also lowers the daily maintenance routines that are ordinarily needed here in SW Florida

Self-Healing Tesla Paint Protection Films Are Just A Click Away!

Beginning your journey into the world of 3M Paint Protection Films for your Tesla, Rivian, Hummer or other EV is as simple as scheduling a free consultation for product installation. Before you arrive at The Shop feel free to contact our team to let us know if you have any questions or concerns regarding the installation process, product maintenance, or warranty information. We always have a trusted expert on-hand to help you with whatever you may need.

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