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Make your car or truck stand out with quality Powder Coating in Bradenton, florida


Powder coating looks like paint but acts like armor. It’s tough, attractive, cost-effective and easy on the environment. Powder coated products have a superior reputation for performance and durability over paint.


POWDER COATING: The powder coat process is the application of electrostatically charged particles sprayed onto the surface of a substrate. With our system, a feeder delivers the powder to an electrostatic gun. The gun emits the powder in the form of a diffused cloud of powder with an electrical charge, allowing the charged particles seek out and adhere to the surface of an item.  Think of static electricity, similar to dust on a TV screen.  This process holds the powder particles in place until it is placed in the oven.  After the application of the coating, the next step involves baking the workpiece in a specially designed oven.  Curing is performed at 400 F for approximately 20 minutes and then removed to cool down and harden to a durable finish.

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