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Protective Ceramic Coating Packages For Tesla and EV Automobiles Located In Bradenton, Florida

Ceramic Coat Your Electric Vehicle To Help It Retain Its Value

Teslas and other EV's have sky-rocketed in popularity over recent years, and anyone who frequents the streets of Bradenton Florida and the surrounding areas can certainly agree. At nearly every turn, the chance of you seeing a Tesla Model X, Model Y, Model S, Roadster or even a Rivian or Hummer EV is great and only becoming even more frequent.

Now that these profound electric vehicles have cemented their mark in the auto industry, opening the door to future vehicle innovations, the question remains: What does protecting the long-term integrity and value of them look like? Coating the exterior painted surfaces with a hard, glossy, hydrophobic ceramic coating is a great place to begin!

At The Shop, we have established an exclusive team of ceramic coating specialists that work extensively with Tesla and other EV manufacturers. Over the course of our years in business, we have established ceramic coating installation methodologies that are proven safe for the unique paintwork on all Tesla models. Having a ceramic coating installed on your Tesla will not only keep it protected, it helps increase and retain top value for many years.


Maintain The Exterior Better

Many who purchase a Tesla for the first time see it as a prized possession due to its uniqueness in the automotive industry. A 3M or Duraslic Ceramic Coating package from us here at The Shop will help preserve that sanctity across your entire exterior, keeping those surfaces fresh for years with minimal maintenance.


Prevent Stains From Happening

Your EV may be your pride and joy, but let’s face it: You still need to DRIVE it. That is its purpose, after all. While you drive, environmental and chemical contaminants do come in contact with its exterior, running the risk of paint stains and degradation. Our ceramic coating formulas harden into a deep hydrophobic surface, repelling all contaminants and keeping them away from your original paintwork.


Exponential Shine On All Exterior Coated Surfaces

Tesla as well as many other EV companies use a special paint that really shows off their sleek, unique automobile design; however, a ceramic coating can take it a step further. Using comprehensive nanotechnology that bonds securely and evenly with all surfaces it is applied to, our 3M and Duraslic Coating packages are all known for enhancing the depth of your paintwork, which in turn increases the already exceptional value of your Tesla, Rivian, Hummer or other EV.

Get a Quote

Paint protection and perfection is right at your fingertips, all you have to do is reach out and grab it with the help of our ceramic coating installation team here at The Shop in Bradenton, FL. Before you bring us your Tesla or other EV for Ceramic Coating, feel free to contact us by phone for a price estimate on your selected package or book an in person consultation below.

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