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Vintage Cars

About Us - Welcome to The Shop!

It's no secret that times have changed.
Everything costs more, takes twice as long, and people just don't seem to believe that getting anything done right or on time is important anymore. Here at The Shop, we simply don't think that's the right way to run a business. We were founded by genuine car enthusiasts who don't just have a passion for cars, but a belief in doing things right the first time and standing by our word.

We don't have fancy slogans or catchy jingles, but we do have a commitment to providing the best quality work possible on-time and at a fair price and we have worked hard to offer the broadest array of services imaginable all under one roof. We appreciate you stopping by our site, and we welcome you to visit The Shop in person anytime for a tour of our facility.

Your Hosts,

Sydney, Mike, Bill, and Bob

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